Architectural Design & Planning

Architectural Design and Drawings

Although we work closely with a number of local architects, we often find, especially at pre-planning stage, that we are able to offer our own in-house design and planning services which can be far less expensive.

Many smaller projects require far less, expensive, details in order to satisfy Planning and Building Control.

Planning Regulations

We can offer advice on the planning regulations pertaining to your area and to the type of project you have in mind.

Many projects benefit from local council Pre-Planning advice, yet many others find that Planning Permission is not required and that work can be carried out under local Permitted Development rules, this is by far the least expensive and usually the preferred route where possible

Project Management

We are able to offer a full, in-house project management service to all aspects of the project.

Often we are involved in projects alongside the design and planning phases where we are able to offer our experience in mitigating some of the unforeseen expenses that can occur further down the line, if the planning phase has not been carried out correctly

Building Regulations

Almost all work carried out will require Local Authority Building Control agreement, inspection and sign-off.

This can be carried out directly with the local council or through an independent specialist. 

We are able to advise which routes are available to you based on the type of project that you are carrying out.

Structural Engineering

Many projects will require the expertise of a structural engineer in order to comply with Building Control. We work closely with a number of engineers who understand our requirement to offer our clients the very best in customer service.